May 6th, 2008, 1:06 am

Took Me Awhile But-

Monday May 6, 2008 [12:04am]

So yeah, I'm finally gonna post that first journal that I've been telling myself to do for the past several months. (Instead of writing that Spanish essay I've been telling myself to do for the past several hours... @_@)

First off, a little background into Super American Girl.

When I was very young, my Aunt gave me a pair of tap shoes and a leotard with an American flag-like pattern on it. I never really used the tap shoes, but I had a pink cape my Mom had made me, and combined the two became my super hero costume. I immediately began to create little stories starring SAG to tell my parents, 'to amuse them', and they were surprised how well the story structure was at that age, I must've been somewhere between 5 and 7.
Anyway, when I was 7 years old, my Mom somehow convinced me to do a project by telling her a few of the adventures of SAG (which she wrote down, word for word) and then drawing a picture for each page of my 'book'. (Which, strangely enough, I called "the Continuing Adventures of Super American Girl." Where was the first set? @_@) I was never very good or interested in sticking with one project for that long, but she made me stick to it, and I guess I'm glad for that, because I still have that book made of 20 pages, including the cover.
I think, all in all, there were only 5 real SAG stories, but I only ever illustrated 3.

Second: The Origins of this comic.

Besides the 5 stories I ever 'wrote', I had a vague idea for a new SAG story when I was in the 6th or 7th grade. (Obviously much later) When I say vague, I mean EXTRAORDINARILY vague. The only real concept (that I can reveal here without spoiling) that I had was that I wanted a Chinese dragon in it. I wanted it to be an Asian styled dragon for a couple reasons, one being that I have been HUGELY influenced by my older brother who was (and is) very into that 'exotic' culture. In any case, that basic idea for a new SAG story was as far as I ever got.
Much later, only last summer during my parents and my trip to Italy, my Mom randomly brought up my old SAG book while we were riding a train. I automatically began to sketch what I thought SAG would look like if she had ever grown up to be my age (more specifically I just enjoy drawing the same characters every couple of years to see how my art style has changed), and that got me to thinking about SAG's last adventure. Somewhere along there I decided to finally write that last adventure, but as a MANGA. (Or at least an attempt at one. ^_^; ) I also decided then that if I ever should create such a thing, I would dedicate and give it to my Mom. <3

As mentioned elsewhere, I do still consider myself a beginner in every field.
-I have never completed a proper story (writing wise) from start to finish
-I am still learning how to draw at all, let alone perfecting any kind of 'individual style'
-I have only JUST begun to use tones of any kind at ALL

So while I realize that I have several shortcomings in this first real attempt of mine to create a proper comic (LOAM doesn't really count since it doesn't have a plot...), that doesn't mean I don't work very hard on each and every comic so that we can all enjoy it. ^_^

Eh... I really should go to bed now... >_>
So I guess that's
Ciao for Now, ya'll! <3


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